Dry skin is a common problem for those with diabetes – an estimated 80% of diabetics suffer from skin problems resulting from high blood sugar levels. This is due to the skin’s reduced ability to store moisture. The most prevalent cases of dry and chapped skin are those on the legs and feet. Symptoms can range from dryness to cracks, foot fungus, skin infection and ulceration. Without treatment, it can weaken the protective barrier of the skin and cause complications (i.e. progressing to foot amputation), so treatment is important.


Last month, GlucoRx joined forces with Allpresan and added the revolutionary foam creams to our extended range of products. GlucoRx Sales Director ‘Chris Chapman’ gave his input on why he feels it will be a productive move for the future – “It’s a great product we would like to bring into the GlucoRx family, and we would like all those with Diabetes to have healthy feet.”


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