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This meter system measures accurate β-ketone level to detect ketosis in cows and predict health risks during early lactation, thereby preventing decreased milk yield and economic loss.

Utilises cow ketosis GlucoRx Cow Ketone Test Strips (3 months expiry upon first opening of each strip pot) 25x ketone strips are supplied.

GlucoRx Cow Ketosis Detecting Ketone Meter


GlucoRx COW Ketone Strips


  • Compact size (Dimensions – 93(L) x 36(W) x 21.3(H) mm Weight: 45.4g)
  • 20 – 40% haematocrit
  • 0.7μL blood required for accurate results in 5 seconds
  • Discreet testing
  • 0.1 – 8.0 mmol/L (fixed) measurement range
  • 450 memory sets
  • Data download and analysis
  • Power: 1x AAA battery.

Video Tutorials – Using The Meter To Check For Ketosis In Cows

1. Meter Setup


2. Ketone control test


3. Blood ketone measurement


4. Using the meter memory